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Tiger Cave, Belize: Zipline & Tubing Adventure

On a recent trip to Belize, we decided to check out some zip-lining and tubing through a local adventure tour company and it was an amazing experience! We went on 7 zips, some going directly into Tiger Cave and the longest at 700 feet! After the zip-lining and tubing, they provided us with lunch made by locals.

Dark Night Cave and Adventures Ltd is a tour operation business that offers its guests a high adventure theme with a strong blend of the archeological significance of the area. They are located at mile 36 Western Highway in Franks Eddy Village, a few miles before Jaguar Paw Caves Branch. We opened a new cave system, which is a group of six caves from the twenty found on the property. They are a cave tubing company, but they offer much more than just cave tubing. Their tours boast a combination of hiking, cave explorations, and an abundance of Mayan artifacts (Archaeology) and the relaxing cave float. Their tours are very unique and they all end with a cave tubing tour.

Dark Night is a private company.

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