Bible Springs Cave, Marion County, Tennessee

Jason and I spent most of our Saturday’s this summer (8 trips total) re re surveying a local Marion County Cave, Bible Springs. Yes, you read that correct the re re survey! Bible Springs was first surveyed in the early 80’s but sadly a map was never produced. Later in 2010, Jason and I helped on the second survey of the cave with another caver and yet sadly again, after 10 years she never produced a map either. Being that we helped on the survey in 2010 and felt that this popular roadside cave needed a map, Jason and I made the decision to survey the cave yet again and we hit it hard with four of our best friends; Jim & Rachel Campbell and Harold & Cindy Geick. We are very proud to say that we were able to update the length of the cave from a previously listed 4,000 feet to 5,547 feet in length with a vertical depth of 108 feet. In honor of the previous failed survey efforts, we decided to name this survey “The third times a charm survey” because we knew without a doubt that we would in fact produce a damn fine map of this popular roadside cave for the caving community.