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Noteworthy Roadside Attraction in TAG: Rock Zoo, Fackler, Alabama

Noteworthy Roadside Attraction in TAG: Rock Zoo, Hollywood, Alabama

If you have ever visited Neversink Pit in Alabama then chances are you have seen or visited the Rock Zoo nearby on CR 32. If not, next time you are in the area make sure to stop by for a photo op with one of the many animals.

How’d this all start you ask? Leonard Dawson, a local farmer, started the Rock Zoo in the 1970s after a large boulder was moved onto his property when County Road 32 was being built. He took one look at that rock and saw a rooster in the limestone. He initially wanted to pay a professional to paint it but had no luck finding an artist willing to do so. So he moved the rock in front of his grain silos on the lawn, fashioned a rooster’s comb from cement, grabbed a brush, and decided to paint it himself.

Over the years, Leonard’s rock zoo grew and so did the visitors. He had an eye for looking at a rock and imagining an animal. The Rock Zoo now has over two dozen animals including a bull, turtle, beaver, raccoon, elephant, bullfrog, squirrel and even some critters from the ocean.

In 2004, Leonard passed away and his family has continued the tradition of the roadside attraction. Every weekend folks can be found stopping by for a photo op with one of the limestone critters.

The Rock Zoo is located at 3215 County Road 32, Fackler, Alabama.


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