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Avis Moni Hospitality Award

Avis Moni Hospitality Award

This award is named in honor of Avis Moni (NSS# 21217RL)(FE), who had a gift for making everyone she met feel like they had known her forever. Avis greeted every new guest with a big smile and a huge welcome. She was an inspiration to her fellow grotto members by sharing her knowledge and love of caving, and sharing her beloved cookies. This award recognizes those individuals who have gone the extra mile in reaching out to new grotto members, as well as keeping current grotto members informed and engaged in the caving community.

In March of this year (2018) at the Southeastern Regional Association of the National Speleological Society (SERA) Winter Business Meeting, I was extremely honored to have been chosen as the first ever recipient of the Avis Moni Hospitality Award. Avis was a true inspiration to many cavers and she will forever be in our hearts.

I was unable to attend the meeting due to my battles with Breast Cancer so was unaware that I had received the award until Kim Frederick notified me. She delivered the award to my house and asked for a photo op. Since I had recently had surgery, I was in no shape for a photo but I did promise her I would get her one as soon as I could. A few months later, when we decided to visit Neversink in July, I knew this would be a good opportunity to get her that photo. Neversink was not only one of Avis’s favorite places to visit but it is also her final resting place.

In honor of Avis, I have shared copies of her famous cookie recipes below in her own hand writing...!

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