Gear Review: AV Spelshoulder Pro

GEAR REVIEW: AV Spelshoulder Pro

This chest harness is made by Aventure Verticale (AV). AV is based out of France and makes quality suits, packs, harnesses and other accessory items for mountaineers and cavers.

The AV Spelshoulder Pro Chest Harness is a one size fits all type of chest harness. It has adjustable shoulder straps that are very comfortable and fit over both of your shoulders. I like this part of the design because there are no straps digging into your neck as you climb with your frog system. It also comes with two webbing loops and four sheathed gear loops for hanging small equipment, on such as a carabiner. It holds your croll up by another strap that is also easily adjustable by just simply pulling down on the cord once you are on rope. As a woman, I prefer this chest harness as it works very well with what God gifted us with and it is easy to put on and take off.

AV gear used to be impossible to find in the United States and you had to order it from overseas with high shipping costs. You can now find AV gear including suits, harnesses and packs from two local vendors here in T.A.G. Both Inner Mountain Outfitters in Georgia and Elevated Climbing in Tennessee offer a range of AV products.