Noteworthy Hike in TAG: Denny Cove, Marion County, Tennessee

Noteworthy Hike in TAG

Denny Cove

Marion County, Tennessee

Activities: Hiking, Rock Climbing, Nature Appreciation, Waterfalls

Easy to Moderate

The Southeastern Climbers Coalition (SCC) and Access Fund are thrilled to announce that Denny Cove, a 685 acre parcel of land in Marion County, Tennessee, has been acquired and opened to climbing and hiking. This acquisition preserves a wild and undeveloped piece of the Fiery Gizzard area in the Southern Cumberland Plateau, and was made possible with critical support from The Land Trust for Tennessee (LTTN) and The Conservation Fund.

Denny Cove is located near the town of Jasper, between Foster Falls and Castle Rock, both of which are popular climbing destinations in the area.

Local Climbers began exploring the area in 2011 and discovered it had great potential for climbing, with about 150 climbing routes. The unique multi-colored sandstone offers routes of all grades and ability levels and boasts a wide variety of terrain from long overhanging walls to massive roofs, slabs, cracks and corners. A long term plan was initiated for purchasing the property from a private timber company for permanent protection and climbing access. The SCC raised an initial $1.2 million to secure Denny Cove but still needs to raise an additional $200,000 to pay back their loan from the Access Fund. The SCC will own and manage the area from July 2016 – December 2016 when the property will be transferred to the South Cumberland State Park and managed alongside Foster Falls. The SCC will continue to manage the climbing resource, host trail days, and will work very closely with the park as a liaison between the park system and climbers.

For now, the SCC and South Cumberland State Park are still working on the trails and infrastructure and do not feel Denny Cove is quite ready for full time access to the public. However, they do want you to have the opportunity to enjoy this natural resource so it is only open on Saturday & Sunday’s for now. There is a new parking lot that will hold up to approx. 40 vehicles and there are currently over a mile of established trails. Long term, the park would like to establish longer hiking trails and primitive camping areas.

DONATE: To donate to Denny Cove, please visit:

Directions: Denny Cove is located approximately one mile south of Foster Falls off Hwy 41. The Denny Cove gate and access road is directly across the street form the Foster Falls Volunteer Fire Department, on the west side of Hwy 41/150. For access to the gate combination, please visit and click on the box to agree to the rules to obtain the code.

RULES: 1) Denny Cove is currently only open on weekends (Sat&Sun(. 2) Close and lock the gate behind you when entering and exiting the area. 3) Be out an hour after sunset. 4) No camping. 5) No new route development. 6) Stay on marked trails. 7) Keep dogs on a leash. 8) Dispose of human waster property. 9) Pack out all trash and gear.