2017 SERA Summer Cave Carnival

2017 SERA Summer Cave Carnival

Hosted by the Smoky Mountain Grotto

May 18 – 21, 2017

Trial Training Center

Coppinger Cover, Sequatchie, Tennessee

I for one am extremely excited to see a SERA being hosted in the valley in Marion County. Not only are caves more accessible but there are a lot more close by. The 2017 SERA Cave Carnival will be in a brand new location, the Trial Training Center (TTC). The TCC is an all inclusive motorcycle resort with world class and record breaking trails. One such trail has just over 1,000 feet in elevation loss and 200 of those feet are within the first 30 seconds! There are waterfalls on the property, along with a nice spring that Jason Hardy surveyed and cave divers have recently dove.

The “cove”, as it is known by locals, beyond the TTC is also loaded with caves within a hiking distance or a 4 wheeler ride! Yes, I said 4 wheeler ride. This may be the one and only SERA where you can get away with bringing your ATV for access to caves. The “cove” has a lot of options as far as caves go and the longest cave in Marion County (just over 6 miles) is also in this beautiful cove. So whether you want to come out and go caving, go for a beautiful hike, go for a swim, see some waterfalls or ride your mountain bike, this SERA Summer Cave Carnival is for YOU…!

To register for the event, go to: http://sera2017.subworks.com/

Jason Hardy at Mandys Cave

Keira Cave (surveyed while entrance was dry however divers dove another 400 feet and got into walking passage)

The view of the TTC from up top

The 132' waterfall at the entrance to Niagara Well

Ship Cave